An extensive menu caters for every taste from all day breakfasts which include firm favourites such as ballila with pine nuts, eggs and soujouk, fattet hummus and grilled halloumi cheese.  The lunch menu has a wide choice of cold mezza items including mouttabal, warak enab, shanklish, and labneh with garlic. Hot mezza offers delicacies like sautéed chicken livers, makanek, falafel tacos, ras asfour with pomegranate molasses and tabbouleh. From the grill there are chicken, cutlets, kafta meat, lamb fillet and shawarma. Daily dishes are also available as well as a children’s menu. Those with a sweet tooth will appreciate knefeh, osmalieh cheesecake, um Ali, qatayef with Nutella and daaoukyeh.
Hot and cold beverages include a twist on popular drinks like Tiramisu Latte, Date Frappucino, Oreoccino and Caramel Peanut Butter Milkshake. Café Beirut cocktails are delicious so why not try Beit El Din, made from fresh kumquat, passion fruit syrup, brown sugar and ginger ale or Baalbek, made from fresh grapefruit, aloe vera, lime juice and sparkling sugar, or perhaps one of the healthy detox juices, seasonal fresh juices, traditional Beiruti Sharab, coffee with spirits, a superb selection of coffee or something from the alcoholic menu.