Café Beirut


A stunning view of the Burj Khalifa can be enjoyed from the beautiful outside garden area, while a huge indoor area is enhanced by a traditional ceramic water fountain and an olive tree, evocative of the 1950s, the golden age of Beirut.  It is a tribute to an age gone by when the city teemed with life and culture. Black and white Beirut portraits of the era are hung on the round see-through domed ceiling which also allows the sun’s rays to flow into the main room and offers relaxing outdoors views.
An extensive menu caters for every taste from all day breakfasts which include firm favourites such as ballila with pine nuts, eggs and soujouk, fattet hummus and grilled halloumi cheese.  The lunch menu has a wide choice of cold mezza items including mouttabal, warak enab, shanklish, and labneh with garlic. Hot mezza offers delicacies like sautéed chicken livers, makanek, falafel tacos, ras asfour with pomegranate molasses and tabbouleh. From the grill there are chicken, cutlets, kafta meat, lamb fillet and shawarma. Daily dishes are also available as well as a children’s menu. Those with a sweet tooth will appreciate knefeh, um Ali and a wide variety of dessert.
Hot and cold beverages include a twist on popular drinks like Tiramisu Latte, Date Frappuccino, Oreoccino and Caramel Peanut Butter Milkshake. Café Beirut mocktails are delicious that are a must try or perhaps one of the healthy detox juices, seasonal fresh juices, traditional Beiruti Sharab and a superb selection of coffee.

The days of glory are honoured at Café Beirut and the old saying holds true: "A lot can happen over a cup of coffee"

Our Story

These days of glory and their memories have been passed from generation to generation. The fashions, the food, the nightlife and endless opportunities for those astute enough to take them still resonate with us. The music of Fairouz, Sabah, Wadih Al Safi and many others provided the life blood that flowed through the veins of the city. We honour those days at Café Beirut and the people who made them so unforgettable.  Authentic, real, classic, new and old but in the present.
“[…]At Café Beirut we are remembering the city of our forefathers as it was in its heyday when it was known as the Switzerland of the Middle East. It is still our home, in our eyes it is still beautiful, still glorious and still pulls us so gently, but unerringly, back by our heartstrings. I want somewhere where my daughter can feel that it is her home away from home. Future generations will feel that same pride and nostalgia for their homeland that their fathers and grandfathers felt. We feel this even now and hope that you will experience even a small part of our love and pride at Café Beirut. ” – Rabih Fakhreddine, Founder and CEO of 7 Management.
Café Beirut is a singular destination that captures the best of the Lebanese capital’s trademark traits, from the shisha sections to kaak vendors, fresh juices, coffee places, and lots of delicious food for all tastes.  The venue represents a resurrection of the vibrant old Beirut with its rich history that combines the elements of modernized Lebanon with its reminiscent golden age.